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Affiliated to Sushikshan Prasarak Mandal, Pinjar

Sushikshan Prasarak Mandal, Pinjar

Bhausaheb Lahane Dnyanprakash Arts College

Pinjar Tal  – Barshitakli  Dist – Akola.
Re – Accredited by “NAAC” (Third Cycle with CGPA 2.11)

             About College  

The  spacious  building  of  Dnyanprakash  Kala  Mahavidyalaya ,  situated  at  lust  green ,  long  spread  land  of  “Anandvan”  is  milestone  on  the  way  of  progress  and  overall  development .  Late  Hon’ble  Bhausaheb  lahane ,  the  well-known ,  popular  social  activist , MLA ,  MP  , the  God  of  small  things  himself  with  his  inconsistent  effort  established  this  college , who  blassed  the  rural  people  with  initiating  educational  institution , viz  “Sushikshan  Prasarak  Mandal “ at  pinjar  in  1961 .  This  plant ,  now  grew  into  a  big  tree  in  form  of  Bhausaheb Lahane  Kal  Mahavidyalaya. 

 It  is  the  thirst  for  knowledge  and  education  that  Bhausaheb  established  this  college  in  1995 ,  at  the  place  starved  of  education  for  a  long .  Bhausaheb  had  dreamt  of  the  higher  education  to  be imparted  in  rural  as  if  aim  in  life .  As  a  result,  he  donated  2  hactre  and  23  guntas  of  his  fertile  lands .  Which  is  now  turned  into  a  wide- spread college  campus,  with  a  huge  building  of  its  own  costing  around  3  lacs  expenditure , witout  availability  of  Govt.  grant.

College  began  with  art  stream , because  it  is  situated  in  rural  area . All  members  from  leaching  and  non-teaching  staff  exerts  for  the  upliftment  of  students.  Subjects  like  English , Marathi , Economics , Political  Science , Sociology , History  and  Marathi  Lierature  are  being  taught . NSS  unit  and  physical  department  help  to  inculate  national  feelings  among  student.  The  management  including  teaching  and  non-teaching  staff strive  to  bring  about  all  around   development  of  students . College  had  applied  and  went  through  the  process  of  assessment  and  accreditation  by  NAAC  in Jan  2005  and is graded with the rank  ‘C’  . “College  from  rural  area  undergoing  the  process  of  accreditation  is  matter  of  praise  worthy “  was  the  remark  by  peer team  with  some  suggestion  to  be  fulfilled  in  near  future . Acting  upon  the  wants  pointed  out  by  the  NAAC , since  2005  onwards  college  traveled  and  achieved  most  of  the  required  improvement . Such  as , there  was  no  faculty  member , having  done  his  the  Ph.D. then.  Now , one  lecturer  from  economics  department  is  awarded  with  the  Ph.D.  and  is  in  charge  of  a  full-phased  principal  of  this  college . Prof.  Phadnis and Prof. Wahurwagh  from  Marathi  Department  has  registered  for  Ph.D. Prof. A. K. Thakare  from  sociology  department registered for Ph.D. and completed  NET  in  2009. Also Prof. P.M.Tayde from Economics Department registered for Ph.D. Likewise,  Prof.  W. W. Bhagat  completed MPhil degree.  Thus, the  required  research  activities  pointed  out  by  NAAC , are  in  progress  in  college. 

Since, 2005 the college has purchased books @ 50 thousand each year. We spend 50 thousand on periodicals to cater reading habits of the students . A good moderate library is facilitated in college . Similarly , a good gymnasium is built in college campus to take care of the physical health of the students .It was necessary to have permanent affiliation to avail the rank of 2F & 12 (B), so the college had applied in Amravati University for that and , thus , received permanent affiliation with the University since 2008-09 onwards . College office is fully furnished and computerized to carry out daily activities, Xerox , e-mail , fax and Internet facilities are being used by college to move with world educational scenario . Power facilities like generator or investor is proposed step to avoid inconvenience in near future. Thus , in view of the basic infrastructure , spacious building , library , play-ground and lecturers engaged in research , modified office , firm and determined move of the institution as a whole , the college desire to have position under section 2F & 12(B) of the UGC.