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Affiliated to Sushikshan Prasarak Mandal, Pinjar

Sushikshan Prasarak Mandal, Pinjar

Bhausaheb Lahane Dnyanprakash Arts College

Pinjar Tal  – Barshitakli  Dist – Akola.
Re – Accredited by “NAAC” (Third Cycle with CGPA 2.11)

E - Content Department Of Economics

Head Of Department

Dr. Pankaj Tayde

Head Of Department
  • Dear friends, welcome to department of Economics. We are students of humanities (Social Science) faculty with economics subject. This is life changing faculty as well as subject. Syllabus of economics is also very useful in our daily life. As a teacher, I think this content of syllabus should reach in attractive manner to you.
  • This is the era of technology. Though, I am teacher of social science trying to make teaching more interesting. For that here are some video links which made by me in very simple way. You can go through some important e-content, which will helpful to understand topic in real manner.


Sr.No NameDownload
1माल्थसचा लोकसंख्या सिद्धांत, बि.ए. सेमिस्टर ६ (Malthus Theory of Population) View
2लोकसंख्या स्थलांतरण – कारणे, बि.ए. सेमिस्टर २ आणि ६ (Migration of Population)View
3लोकसंख्या वाढीची कारणे व उपाय बि. ए. सेमिस्टर २ (Cause of growth of Population)View
4नागरीकरणाची कारणे, बि. ए. सेमिस्टर २ (Cause of Urbanization)View
5महाराष्ट्राची ओळख, बि. ए. सेमिस्टर २ (Introduction to Maharashtra)View
6पर्याप्त लोकसंख्या सिद्धांत, बि. ए. सेमिस्टर ६ ( Optimum Population Theory )View
7कृषीची अल्पउत्पादकता- कारणे व उपाय, बि. ए. सेमिस्टर २ ( Introduction to Maharashtra )View
8व्यापारी अधिकोषांची कार्ये , बि. ए. सेमिस्टर ४ ( Introduction to Maharashtra )View
9 कें द्रीय अधिकोषाांची काये , धि. ए. सेधिस्टर ४ (Functions of RBI )View
10नािार्ड उद्देश व काये , धि. ए. सेधिस्टर ४ (Objectives and Functions of NABARD )View
11शेतकरयांच्या आत्महत्या करणे व उपाय, बि. ए. सेमिस्टर २ (Farmer Suicide – Causes and Remedies)View
12 प्रजनन क्षमतेवर प्रभयत्व करणारे घटक , बि. ए. सेमिस्टर६ (Fertility Affecting Factors)View